The Christian Counseling Center has had interns for many years.   We are honored to host several graduate level student interns most semesters!  Interns are mostly doing co-therapy with Keith or Landon but will also do some sessions on their own,  Here are the folks interning summer semester of 2024:

Loren Vlastos

Loren is currently a graduate student at Liberty University who is pursuing her master’s degree, and future licensure, in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She will be working as a practicum student under Keith Fussell’s, LPC-MHSP supervision now that she has taken and passed all the basic ethical and counseling courses within Liberty University’s CACREP program. Her bachelor’s degree is in Communications and after taking a break from school for several years, she has decided that counseling is the career path she wants to take moving forward. This is a decision based on several factors, but a large one being that she spent some time overseas immersed in different cultures that face various traumas and hardships. The diversity of those hardships/traumas is a challenge she looks forward to learning more about and helping clients work through. Loren genuinely enjoys the uniqueness of each person’s story that she hears, but also respects the cultural boundaries that are defined on a client-by-client basis.

Loren has been married for 4 years to her husband, Kyle, and they have a 16 month on son, Nathan. She grew up in and around Memphis, and now delights in sharing the things/places she grew up seeing/doing with her family – the Memphis Zoo, Pink Palace Museum, Children’s Museum, etc.